Welcome to the prestige Rewards Club by joining our loyalty reward program you can earn rewards for site activity and virtually every dollar you spend. Begin at level 1 and move your way up the ranks as your tiers increase so does the incentives. Remember points can also be lost for trying to be a wise guy, see you at the top.

Earn points:
$1 spend – 1 point.
Signup -1 point
Each referral- 1 point
Bonus points can also be earned for completing site challenges.

Move up tiers once ranking thresholds are met.

Redeeming Points:
Points redeemed will not decrease your rankings. Points earned remain in your account history until used or claimed.

Terms and conditions:
Points and prizes are awarded at the discretion of Playbey. Participants must be registered members in order to qualify for incentives. Points and prizes can not be transferred.

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